Hey there!

My name is Mone and this is my first blogpost ever! I am so happy to have finally found a suitable name for my blog 🙂

Where does that name come from?

In the third grade we did a classtrip to an ethnological museum for a native american night. All of us got a name which was similiar to the traditional namings of the native americans like “Seeing Eagle”, “Wise Star”, etc. My name was “Sonne über dem Weg” (english: sun above the path).

Somehow this name describes me pretty well and inspires me everytime it comes back in my mind! Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time 🙂

About me:

I was born and raised in Hamburg. I’ve always loved to explore other cultures. When I was 16 years old I flew to France and went to school in Carcassonne for 3 months. I lived with a french host family and was the only german in that school. It was a great experience and I learned so much about the language and the culture!

After I graduated from high school I started my studies in a dual system and went to Aachen for a year. First time in an own flat and I had to manage my time. I was never used to be alone, so I made some friends and spend a lot of time at the boulder hall with them or went to the parc to meet more strangers to become friends of mine 😉

I think you get that I am an open-minded person. That’ll help me on my journey to New Zealand. Thats the Land I want to explore in Q1 2017!!

Have a nice week! 


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