I spend my last days in my favourite city in New Zealand: Christchurch. I really loved walking around in the city which has many great and beautiful parks and a little but impressive museum (Canterbury Museum). 

Christchurch experienced a severe earthquake in 2011. During that time one of my best friends lived there as an exchange student, so I heard a lot of that earthquake before going there. The city centre is a mixture of old buildings that survived the earthquake (mainly wood buildings), new buildings (mostly plattenbau) buildings and construction sides (including old nearly collapsed buildings being held up by steel beams). They have some memorials around town for that catastrophe. In total 185 people died and the main memorial is a place of 185 sqm and a chair on each square meter. Most of them have been given by the families of the dead. Maybe the favourite chair of the deceased person which will never sit in there again. All these chairs are painted in white and made weatherproof. Every one is unique to symbolize that the individuality of the people who died. I took pictures of a wheelchair, a baby chair, a bean bag and many more. 

Big empty walls are covered with a street art graffiti. Some illustrate messages and others are just very bizarre.

In the museum they had an exhibition about Air New Zealand which has created some funny safety instruction videos and advertisements. Really popular are the Hobbit safety videos and my favourite ad is the one called “Nothing to hide” πŸ˜‰

The exhibition also provided a virtual reality cinema with oculus rift glasses where they projected different environments with the seat in it. Just imagine you are entering the plane and everything already looks like your destination, nice beaches and relaxing under palm trees. Nice idea!

Another exhibition was about a couple that collected Paua shells, native shells in New Zealand. They rebuild their house in the museum and moved the decoration and interior completely. Even the outside door of the house is the original. It was very impressive being surrounded by so many sparkling shells πŸ™‚

I really liked the variety of Christchurch and I think it was not really crowded as other cities I experienced. I like to take walks alone sometimes. The only annoying thing are the construction sides everywhere and you have to constantly dodge these by following these signs:

Would also be the most authentic fridge magnet of the city nowadays πŸ˜‰ sorry about that black humour πŸ™‚