The museum in Invercargill is the home of a few very rare animals, the Tuatara lizards. They are not related to the common lizards but they are the last remaining members of the order Rhynchocephalia. In order to write this article, I googled the animals and there are so many interesting facts about them that I recommend you to read for yourself about them if you are interested 😉 I just post the link here:

I tried to turn a statue into a prince with a kiss but I guess it’s not how it works in fairytales when there already is a prince waiting for you to come home 😉

Other than that they had different art exhibitions. One was with a lot of blury grey human which reminded me of Momo from Michael Ende but another one was about positioning bodys to make the impression of a landscape. Most of the pictures looked like sand dunes. I liked them very much.

We spend a few hours in the gardens reading, relaxing and enjoying the sun. The parks in Invercargill are nice and big (perfect for a run). They lead through the whole city and therefore good for Mones who like to get lost. I obly got lost twice in two days in Invercargill and the parks guided me back to where I originally wanted to go. Handy, isn’t it?