Next stop was Dunedin. We arrived there in perfect sunshine and I couldn’t take my eyes of the wonderful cute little houses and beautiful architecture. The centre of the city has so many little café (a vegetarian café among them) and around 5 art galeries within a few hundred meters.

We planned to go out of town but changed our mind because of a very fogy and overcast morning. We went to the veg café and shared the most delicious date scone in the world and a chocolate fudge. Eating it felt like being in heaven 😉 I wrote down what I thougt were the ingredience of the scone and I will try to recreate it. 

Afterwards we just went through the city, looked at the creative streetarts everywhere and enjoyed the vibe of Dunedin.

One of the most popular things in Dunedin is the steepest street in the world where we stopped with the bus on our way out of town. So the bus stayed at the bottom of the street of course but some bikers tried to drive uphill. Almost at the top some of them  stopped to accelerate and lost their balance.  The result was some motor bikes sliding down a part of the road and one driver was trapped under his bike. After a few minutes of shock and the rescue of the man under the bike everything turned out to be alright. No need for an ambulance. Relieved, we made our way down and jumped back on the bus.