Our next stop was the Mt Cook National Park, the highest mountain of New Zealand.   The Maori called it Aoraki which means “the cloud piercer” because in most of the days there is a layer of clouds around the mountain but from far away you can still see the top piercing out of the cloud. 

The arriving day we had wonderful weather and we explored the little Mt Cook village in the glacier valley. You feel so much respect when you are surrounded by huge and majestic mountains all looking very different but all beautiful. 

The next day there was a gale warning in the national park and I decided not to do a steep hike up to the Mueller’s hut. We did the Hooker Valley walk instead and that was a good decision. The walk led us over several long footbridges over the Hooker River to the Hooker Lake. Normally you can see a reflection of the mountain on the surface of the lake but on that day the wind was strong and the water wavy. Instead we saw some huge ice floes laying in the lake.

When we came home I was so exhausted from the wind that I slept for a few hours. The evening we spend relaxing in the TV room watching the Hobbit part 1.