We did a daytrip to Stewart Island the third biggest island and the most southern of New Zealand. We haven’t seen much of the island but what we saw was beautiful! We did some bushwalks and coastal tracks and passed a little hut of a builder who lived in like 20sqm with his 5 children and his wife. The kitchen and his workbench were also in there. The kids slept in a 5 storey bunk bed, that saved a lot of space but seriously the ceiling was’t really high. I can’t imagine the live of that family must have been similiar to the live of Charlie’s family in Charlie and the chocolat factory šŸ˜‰

The people on the island have an interesting taste of decoration: They hang old bois and fenders in the trees šŸ˜‰

All in all the island had a nice athmosphere and some brilliant shops and delicious food! I would have loved to stay there overnight but it was to risky with the bus we had to catch.

Potato wedges with sour creme, cheese and sweet chili sauce! Yummy!!