I spend a day hiking the moonlight track 🙂 I did it all by myself because my friends booked other activities for that day. I hitchhiked to the Moke Lake which was recommended by one of the climbers. It was a nice lake but the weather was very cloudy so I can’t promise breathtaking pictures ^^ 

I started a track that seemed to be dedicated to quads or horses but not for me with my hiking boots because the track crossed a river several times and I had to take of my boots every time or through stones in the water to jump on or find another way around it. After like an hour of river riddles I decided to follow the original hiking track which was a one lane farm road and not as matural as the other one but at least I didn’t get wet feet ^^

After a few meters I was glad I did the choice because the track was about 50 metres higher above the ground and I had some amazing views of the river valley ❤

The only human I met on the 5h track was a shepherd with his herd of sheep. I had to keep of the road for a few minutes for the sheeps to pass. 

Versus the end of the track I arrived at Arthur’s Point, a little village where they operate the Nevis bungee and swing. I observed some swings from a few hundreds meter distance and one of them was exceptional funny. A woman who wanted to do the canyon swing held on to something on the platform after taking the first step and shouting: Pull me up! Pull me UP!!! They had to reason with her for some time and did several countdown until she finally let go. She must have had a great adrenalin flash 😉

That track was really great and sometimes I enjoy it to be all by myself for a day and listening to my audio books (just finished the Marsian and now listening to “Schnelles Denken, langsames Denken” from Daniel Kahnemann) 🙂