We went on a walk/hike in the morning which is called Mt Crichton Loop and is a wonderful bush walk. We passed the Sam Summer’s hut that belonged to a goldkeeper who lived there. We went in the hut and it was just maybe 12sqm big. 
Another cool thing on the walk was a crack in the rock just big enough to fit a man through. Water ran through it and it was used to wash the gold. 

In the evening we went to one of the famous ice bars in Queenstown. Everything is made of ice there: the bar, the tables, the glasses, the chairs, the decoration,… they had an ice Olaf (from Frozen), ice kiwi, ice sleigh, ice throne, ice fireplace, ice hockey table, ice Maori statue, ice Justin Bieber (haha just kidding with the last one ^^) and many more. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the decoration and most important they also had good music and delicious cocktails. The light changed every few seconds from blue to red to green 🙂 makes a nice effect to the panorama pictures. Once we found out that dancing keeps you warm, we went nuts ^^

It was the best stay in a bar I’ve ever had even if it was just for an hour because of the cold 🙂

Famous Frozen quote: Hello I am Olaf and I love warm hugs! (Thats where the title of this post come from)