On sunday I have been rock climbing with some guys I met in a yoga class the day before 🙂 it was a funny conversation: Me: Is anyone here a rock climber? – Yes, I am. – When is the next time you are planning on going rock climbing? – Tomorrow. – Do you mind if I join you? – No, of course you can come with me.Thats how you make friends and climbing partners 🙂 

We drove to Wanaka to climb next to a river and the stone and the routs were fascinating! Now I know why it was worth to carry my rock climbing shoes with me all the way through New Zealand ^^

The guys we climbed with had all the equipement you needed and the walls supplied enough security mountings.

My climbing partner pushed me to climb everytime a more difficult level until I was done ^^ in the lunch break we went down to the river which felt like a glacier river if you regard the temperature. We spend roughly half an hour in that river. We climbed the sides, jumped from rocks where the water was deep enough, swam against the stream and also did rock climbing on the sides so when we slid, we fell into the water. I always wanted to do something like that! I now crossed it from my bucket list, but if I ever have the chance to do it again, I would!

In the evening we had a delicious BBQ at the waterfront in Wanaka. The community is providing some BBQ’s all over the place and you can just bring your own stuff and prepare it there in public 🙂 the difference between that and Germany is, that these BBQ’s are also beeing cleaned. I will post a picture soon.