Today was a big day for me because I finally dared to jump out of a plane from 19,000ft. That was my first skydive and it was incredible!!! At 10,000ft in the plane we had to breath through oxygen masks and at the height of 19,000ft we jumped with a back flip. I needed a few seconds to get used to the free fall which was 80 seconds in total. The camera man made me do some funny gestures for me to copy for the video 😉 I couldn’t think clearly. I was just thinking: What am I doing here? 

I really appreciated the flight because we flew very close to the glaciers and mountains. Beautiful scenery!

The landing was nice and smooth too. No reason to worry about me 😉 sorry mom, I didn’t tell you before xD

Waiho River in front of the glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

Me before jumping 🙂