I want to dedicate this blog post to sport 😉 

After 1 month of vacation I thought I should do something productive and something for myself. A collegue of mine once recommended this 7 minute workout app called “seven” to me and that was how I started. It shows you a full body workout and you can choose how many circuits you would like to do. From that day on I tried to work out every day at least 7 minutes, sometimes more than one circuit 😉 Noone can tell me that he has not 7 minutes time every day 🙂

After a week I met a girl who recommended a stretching app “sworkit stretching” to me. You can choose the time that you want to stretch and where do you want to focus on.

Next thing I started was running. I didn’t bring any running shoes with me and I cant use my trekking shoes because they wouldn’t have lasted me long then. So I tried to run barefoot on beaches, but there is not always a beach in close proximity. Luckily I found some running shoes in the free box of a hostel in Westport which had exactly my size. From there on I did run almost every day. 

I met a girl who recommended the app “5K Runner” for me and I think to reach the 5K is one of the hardest things. If you have reached that, than the next 5K would be easier to reach.

Another thing I try to do from time to time for my health is meditating with the apps “headspace” (english) or “7mind” (german).

Somehow the meditation is the hardest for me because I have to be calm and take my time but I am always on the go and have the fear of missing out something! 

My advice

– “seven” for 7-minute workouts daily

– “sworkit stretching” daily

– “7mind” or “headspace” daily

– “5K Runner” 3 times a week