We took the ferry from Wellington to Picton to start our travel on the south island šŸ™‚ it did rain that day in Wellington and I got the feeling I am always leaving the places when the bad weather starts to set in šŸ˜‰
The drive on the ferry was fun. The boat pitched and tossed and a lot of water was splashed on the deck. Picton is a city at a sound. A sound is a river that has been filled with a lot of water in opposition to a fjord which is created from the movement of glaciers during an ice age. But both kinds of waterways look very alike.

I met some friends in Kaiteriteri the place we arrived in the evening and I took some walks around the golden coast of new Zealand.

The next day a friend and me took a hitchhike to the Abel Tasman National Park with our tents and hiked there for a few hours and explored the peaceful beaches along the coast. Our campsite in the national park had only 6 places and we enjoyed the empty beach for the sunset and sunrise the next morning. Every moment in this national park felt like beeing in paradise!

The second day in the park I did a hike up a mountain to the Holyoak Creek and had a wonderful view over the forest. One time I stepped in a mudpool and was covered in mud, but I could wash myself soon after in a small waterfall next to the path šŸ˜‰ the water is everywhere soo clear!

We hitchhiked back and had a relaxing afternoon in Kaiteriteri. It has been a wonderful time and experience hiking with a tent and only the most important things to survive ^^