The second day in Wellington the weather turned out to be very rainy and stormy. My original plan was to find someone to sail with line I did in Auckland, but after 2 hours waiting and freezing at the harbour and desperatedly talking to every pedestrian, a sailor gave me the advice to turn back home. Noone could have left the harbour with this stormy weather 😉
I headed back home but popped into the store first to grab some expensive food out of frustration. 

I used the time in the morning to catch up with my family and in the afternoon we went to the museum Te Papa. They had one of the most impressive things on display: A colossal squid! In fact it is the biggest squid that was ever caught. It is about 2,5 metres long and is very impressive. I was surprised to find out that the thing had a beak. Quite scary. I wouldn’t want to be surprised by this octopus while swimming in the ocean 😉