I met some nice fellow lord of the rings fans and we were looking for awesome places that Peter Jackson had chosen for the movies. So we went to Upper Hutt in Wellington where one park is told to be the Gardens of Isengard. It was a really nice park but we couldn’t recall the scenes that well to actually recognise it. 
Next stop was the Hutt River that was used as the Anduin River in the first part of lotr. I could imagine that very well. The river looked awesome!

Another stop had been the Hobbit Hideaway in the forested area of Mt Victoria close to the centre of Wellington 🙂 We hid in there as well 😉 Afterwards we climbed to the top of mountain to have a nice overview of Wellington.

The night we spend on the nightmarket in the lower cuba street which was decorated with wonderful lanterns the whole way down to the waterfront. After we ate some specialties from different countries we watched the Chinese New Years firework at the waterfront. That was just amazing! Not as good as the pyro shows in Hamburg but for New Zealand it was definetly high class 🙂