In Paihia I did a dolphin discovery trip about 4 hours. We met at 8am at the harbour and we were 6 participents on a ship for around 40 people. It was a lot of space everywhere and we drove from Paihia around the islands and searched for the dolphins. On our way we have seen some baby hammer sharks and penguins but unfortunately no dolphins. But because the trip was called dolphin discovery we all got a voucher for another tour. All 6 of us took the afternoon tour and we finally got to see bottlenose dolphins in the first 30 minutes of the tour. Unfortunately we were not allowed to swim with them because they had a baby penguine with them. One of the crew members could tell the dolphins apart and told us which one the dolphin called frenchtoast was 🙂 
Then we drove to the border between the bay of islands and the open ocean and actually we could see some common dolphins. The common dolphins like boats and swim around them but as soon as a person enters the water they go on the run. That means we couldn’t swim with them either. But we did some snorkeling at the rock with the famous hole in the rock 😉 I just freaked out at the depth of the water and had to swim back to the boat to catch my breath. 

All in all we saw a lot of wild sea live and had a great sunny day around the islands! And I had my first snorkeling experience!