Today is a national holiday in New Zealand called Waitangi Day. Anno 1840 around 40 Maori chiefs did sign a contract with the British Crown at Waitangi, the Treaty of Waitangi. Part of the treaty was that New Zealand would become part of the British Empire and the Maori were guaranteed to be given the rights of their land. That’s what they celebrate here in Paihia/Waitangi every year on the 6th of February. Unfortunately there were differences in the British version and the Maori translation which led to some debates. They always have some protests over here too at that date.
They build up a few markets and several stages on the Treaty grounds and they have a little show on there huge wakas (Maori canoes).

I have seen two hakas, the Maori’s special dance for war. Quite scary the moves they maje. You don’t want to get into any truble with the tribes after watching a haka ^^

In the background are around 10 wakas including the biggest waka in the world. Its impressive because every waka is made of only one tree each. Therefore the biggest waka must have been made from a huge tree!

The Marae is the main building where all events of the Maori village take place including plenty of people.