I spend a few days on the Cape Reinga, just me and my tent. That was a peaceful time πŸ™‚ The trip started in Paihia where a company picked me and the other kiwi experiencer from the hostel up for an awesome adventurous trip with Willi our driver.One of the best things were that we drove with the bus on the 90 miles beach. The wet sand is stable enough to hold a bus πŸ™‚ and we were pretty fast too! At one point we stopped and looked for pipis in the sand that are shell fishs digged 10-20cm deep into the sand and you can find them only because of the breathing holes. I couldnt try them because I stayed up there for a bit longer but I met a guy on the camping site who shared the recipe with me ^^

After driving on the wet sand we had to get pass some rocks in the sea and therefore had to drive through the water. That wasn’t even the most risky thing. The next part of the road were 2 soft sand spots we had to pass. The first one we managed easily and we all could stay on the bus the second was the harder one and two third of us had to get off the bus. Unfortunately that wasnt enough and te bus got stuck. Then we digged the wheels free and shuffeld most of the soft sand out of the trails. Willi got a long rope out of the bus on which we could pull the bus over the white sand while a lot of strong man were pushing from the backside of the bus. On the second try we finally made it. I am sill not sure if it wasn’t fake and Willi just wanted to make us think we pulled the bus out of the soft sand or not. Nevertheless it was a nice team activity πŸ˜‰

We passed wonderful sanddunes on which we were sandboarding πŸ™‚ I was very scared the first time and broke the way down but the second time I didn’t break at all and was a bit too fast on my board. I lost control after a few meter on the bottom of the hill, rolled over and covered myself in mud. That was great fun πŸ™‚

Next stop was the campsite where I could put up my tent while everyone else had a refreshing bath in the ocean and than we drove to Cape Reinga which is the northern point of New Zealand where the Tasmanian Sea and the Pacific meet. For the Maori its where he male and female sea meet each other and all the whirls in the water around the coastal rocks are signs of reproduction πŸ˜‰

I hiked back to my campsite afterwards and was happy to take a bath in the ocean as well. I passed many nice bays on my way that I was very happy to enjoy that peacefulness and the beauty of pure nature πŸ™‚

The bay I was camping at for 2 nights

Awesome waves on rocks

90 miles beach

Me sandboarding in the sand dunes