That’s what Bilbo Baggins said when he ran down the road of the Shire (Auenland) and what I did by coming here πŸ™‚
The Shire was incredibly cute everything was made to be little, unique and detailed as possible. The tour had a lot of background information about the film and you really got a feeling for the way Peter Jackson made the Shire as realistic as possible. They had a few nice tricks to place the actors next to the doors. For Gandalf they had really small doors so he seemed bigger and more magical and for the hobbits they had big doors, for that they seemed to be smaller. They also had kids disguised as Hobbits and a big actor dressed like Gandalf to be shown from behind when Gandalf and the hobbits had a dialog. These are only few of the tricks to create a better view of the heights of the characters.

That day were a lot of tours and all outbooked so the tour was kind of rushed but we took our time to do as many photographs as we want πŸ™‚ 

The tour ended with a delicious ginger beer in the Green Dragon in a rustic atmosphere. I really enjoyed that day!