Yesterday I did with kiwi experience the most important and most recommended hike in New Zealand: the Tongariro crossing! It was an amazing hike with wonderful views of volcanos, blue and green lakes, waterfalls, craters and a lot more. The hike took me 9 hours with just a few and short breaks for take some of the most amazing pictures. The picture of the emerald coloured lake next to the blue one is if I remember right the cover of one of the national geographics best pictures book. You will see its just amazing!!
The whole hike was splitted into 8 parts and 2 optional parts. One was the Tongariro Summit and the other one was the Ngauruhoe Summit or how most of the world calls it Mt Doom (Schicksalsberg). We only had time for one optional so we decided to climb Mt Doom (of course!). 

Once we were at the bottom of Mt Doom and no clouds could hide him anymore I thought thats insane to climb that mountin but I have to. I would have been to disappointed if I haven’t done this. I waited for someone to climb up with me because going there alone is really dangerous. 

We started with the wrong route which is meant to be used to slide down. We kind of tried to slide up but that was just not possible thanks gravity xD. Than we have seen people to the right following an old lavastream and half climbing half hiking up there. We went over there and from that point on I would say it was quite easy to get higher really fast but there was still a long way to the top. Felt endlessly. 

My hands started hurting pretty fast because the volcanic rocks were rough and they also cracked quiet easily. I felt like Gollum climbing up the mountain on all fours. You had to be carful that no rock hit the climber under you and that you dont step on or grab the wrong stone which is loose.

Another difficulty was climbing against the wind which kept pushing us down and blowing tons of sand in our faces. Teeth-gnashingly we continued to the top where we had to sit down immediatly or the next gust would blow us down again.

The view was amazing and the crater was scary. Unfortunatly I had no ring to through into πŸ˜‰ 

To go down was very easy! We just called the eagles. They grabed us softly with their claws and floated in circles down to the original path for us to continue the main hike πŸ˜€ Unfortunatly I couldn’t take a picture of these massive birds.

We continued hiking for 4,5 more hours πŸ™‚ along beautiful lakes any lava streams. The last part was in a forest. My legs were incredibly tired afterwards but I didnt had a muscle ache afterwards πŸ™‚

Saying in Hamburg: “Dat is n Klaks fΓΌr so’n Hamburger Deern”