On monday we climbed the one tree hill in Auckland with the school. We had to climb over a lot of fences and walls, balance around the sheep’s shit to finally get to the top of the hill. The hill is called one tree hill because there used to be one big tree at the top. Unfortunatly an angry maori man chopped that tree because of some territory conflicts. Now there is an area in big fences where they are planting new trees in the hope that one will someday be as big as the old one.
As on every hill in Auckland we had an amazing view. The wind was so strong that you could lean into the wind direction without falling over. On the way down, some guys and me climbed a beautiful old tree and enjoyed the freedom for a few minutes.

It was an amazing day and Dan (Kaplans activity planer) did a really good job again. And some of the photos I am posting of the activities are the ones he posted on facebook. He is an awesome photographer!