Sometimes you just have to say that instead of “No risk no fun”. Reasons would be serious injuries, penalty to be send back to your home country because of breaking rules or in this case the risk of death. Wednesday we went to the Piha Beach on the west coast of Auckland. It is a beautiful beach with black sand caused by volcanic rocks. We stayed their quite long into the evening and had a wonderful sky. Now the question what is so deadly about this beach? It has a strong rip that’s pulling you out to the sea and even strong swimmers can not escape that. There are around 30 people drowning every year and I chose not to be one of them 😉 I only went in the water until my thighs were half covered and I could feel the strong rip that continues for about 90 seconds. I can imagine that fighting against this while swimming must be very tough. 
Instead we climbed up a hill and explored the surroundings. We found a few weird creatures which looked like a octopus with mussel arms. Stones where couvered in mussels 0,5 cm big and they seemed to glitter in the sunlight. That gave the place a magical atmosphere.

When we had the sausage sizzle a lot of the guys envied my vegetarian self-made meal: Grilled peppers with cheese and onions. Better than any sausage 😉