It has been an interesting and wonderful weekend.
On friday I spend my evening planning my trip. I still dont know all the things I wanna do and I still have to place a lot of bookings.

On saturday I went with my family to Davenport. We climbed the Mount Victoria which is the biggest hill in Davenport and had a wonderful 360 degree view of the east coast and the bay of Auckland.

On top of the mountain had been placed a canon for defense purpose during the war against the Russian. It was a liftable 13 tonnes canon which could be hidden in the hill. It was only shot once because all glass and windows broke in the nearby areas and I guess there was no emergency to fire it a second time.

After lunch I went to the beach to meet with my friends from school to Takapuna beach. Most of them are from Brazil and they have another sense for the water temperature. While I thought the water was as warm as it could get in Germany, they thought it was really cold. They were freezing and I was warming myself in the water. Maybe we also have different body temperatures ^^

On sunday I went to the zoo with a friend to see the famous kiwi bird. We saw a few and they were incredible cute. How they walk around and stick their noses in every pile of leaves. They have their nostrils at the top of their beak. The zoo basically tries to save that endagered species by breeding the eggs, nursing the chick, training it and then freeing it in different parts of New Zealand. The biggest danger for these cute birds are dogs of all kinds. Dog owners shouldn’t let their dogs run without a leach in forested areas.

I couldn’t take a proper pic because you could see the kiwi only in a very dark room because they are nocturnal. But I will upload the best photo for you guys 🙂

The other animals were quite lazy because of the hot and humid weather.

In the evening I bought a tent and a sleeping bag for my further travel plans 😉