My last two days have been very exiting but also accompanied by jetlag. 

I have a wonderful hostfamily. We were at church in the morning and the service was very mooving. One point of the preaching was that most of the people are going the one obvious wide open street which leads to destruction (my interpretation: unhappiness) but only a few people are following the narrow small road which is leading to live! The moral is, when you dont choose to follow the crowd, you’ll find your own way of live. Don’t think to much like everyone else does but create your own ideas and plans! 
Afterwards my host family took me to the beach to take a walk. It was nice weather and I instantly burned my face. The sun is much stronger down here. The sky is half of the time covered with thick clouds but the sunbeams somehow find their way through to burn me ^^

After lunch we went to the silo marina. We took a walk to look at some boats. There were over 20 big silos standing around. Some where painted in grafiti, some were just rusty. 

The day ended with a visit in the cinema for the movie “Moana”. I can recommend it. Nice story, nice music. A bit of philippinian culture (the ancestors of the maori – indigenous people in New Zealand) was shown in that movie. Due to the jetlag, I might have missed one or two scenes ^^

All in all it was a great start in Auckland.

Silo Marina 1

Silo Marina 2

Beach 1

Beach 2