That’s an advertising from Emirates and I have to say Emirates is the most comfortable airline I have ever flying with! Economy class feels definitly better than economy class at Lufthansa.
I “watched” (other word for mostly slept through) ca. 7 movies. The screen on the first flight stoped working after the first movie. Didn’t work after two restarts either. Maybe it was a sign that I should sleep, which I did rightaway.

As we landed in Dubai I got the impression of beeing back in Vegas ^^ very ridiculous decoration.  

On the second flight I had a seat in the aisle though I couldn’t see what was outside. But at one point, I went to the window and I saw what I think was the east coast of India. First time I saw that country live. 

Can’t wait reaching my destination and meet my host family!!

 Leaving in Munich

 Decoration of the top of the Pillars at Dubai airport

 Artificial palm trees in every corner at Dubai airport